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The Brand

Livob is a small brand born in Galicia, Spain, in the year 2010. Located at the North West of Spain, the designer of the brand gets her inspiration from the Atlantic sea, the sharp mountains and the coastal vegetation that surround her. Galicia is also a region known for its rich textile industry that arouses the talent of new designers.

The founder and designer of Livob, Patricia Ozores, has always worked towards mixing high-quality design with comfort and naturalness. Livob is a brand of casual wear that blends basics with the ready-to-wear. Livob uses natural fabrics and colors, all contributing to the fresh and relaxed aesthetics of the brand.

Moreover, Livob aims at conveying a powerful message through their unpretentious clothing. The designer states that:

"Clothing should not determine your situation or social group, but it should allow you to express and to be yourself"

Working towards a more sustainable future for fashion, Livob manufactures everything in factories in Europe that guarantee the right conditions and salaries to their workers. Accesories’ collections, such as the hand-woven bags of the Spring/Summer Collection of 2014, have been manufactured by local craftsmen of the rural areas of Galicia in a close collaboration with Livob.

Livob started out as a brand dedicated exclusively to women’s beachwear. Nowadays it proudly produces two collections a year (S/S and A/W), including swimwear, knitwear, t-shirts, jackets, dresses and accessories. They are also working hard to launch their first men’s collection next year.

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